Cody Rains


Hi, I'm Cody.

About Cody

Cody Rains is a contemproray artist living and working in Oklahoma City. Cody emerged onto the Oklahoma City art scene in 2015 with his abstract-expressionist style mixed media paintings which quickly garnered the attention of local galleries and collectors. In the fall of 2015, Cody was commissioned to paint a privately owned, publicly displayed 11-piece collection of portraits and cityscapes. The collection is indefinitely housed in downtown Oklahoma City in the Century Center Building.


Artist Statement

My current body of work serves as a two-fold examination of my subjects and of myself. With each piece I strive to capture the movement, energy, and emotion of my subject matter, while also displaying and examining my own energy and emotion as an “artist at work”. As my work evolves, I place more and more importance on the act of mark making. The marks made are on the canvas tell a story. My art is not only the finished physical piece – but the act of creating the piece.